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I’m an actor, teacher, and director currently based in Chicago.

My story begins in Florida, where I was born, but quickly moves to the mountains just outside of Asheville, North Carolina where I was reared, and my favorite pastime quickly became roller-skating in the rain while sporting mud-spattered princess dresses. Growing up on a hippie college campus surrounded by an organic farm is an unusual childhood, but the freedom to explore the woods with friends until sundown was essential in developing my curiosity and creativity, and it gave me a lasting love of nature. I am never more myself than when I am surrounded by trees.

In middle school, we moved to Ohio, and while I lost the southern twang, I still say “y’all” because of its efficiency, and secretly I think it makes me sound charming. 

My artistic journey starts with a Bachelors of Music in Opera Performance from Oberlin Conservatory. However, I realized after graduation that my true passion was for the spoken word and straight theater. Pursuing this passion, I earned my MFA in Acting from Point Park University in Pittsburgh and had the great fortune to train with Anne Bogart and the SITI Company during the summer intensive in 2012. Heavily influenced by my Meisner and Viewpoints training, I reveal a deeply vulnerable emotional life through physical action in every character I play.

The location of my tale has varied widely: from New York to Pittsburgh, to Santa Fe, to San Francisco, as well as doing Human Rights work abroad in Palestine. But it was the community of artists here in Chicago that I fell in love with (and riding a train above ground) and so decided to make Chicago my home. But, the North Carolina hippie kid never left me, nor has my sense of wonder and curiosity at this amazing world.

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